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Our Mission: Working to improve the lives of people with spinal cord injury by training a community of scientists to use the best possible research methods.

The OSU SCI research training program is designed for scientists and trainees entering the field who desire in-depth and hands-on training from experts in SCI research methods.  The curriculum will emphasize proficiency in technical skills and understanding of historical background and current SCI research approaches.

The objectives of the program (General Curriculum) are:

  1. to teach to proficiency in spinal cord laminectomy surgery, care of injured rodents, and behavioral assessment of locomotor function, and
  2. to provide group and individualized hands-on laboratory experience with a wide range of methods used for spinal cord injury research, a variety of rodent injury models and surgical approaches, behavioral and physiological outcome measures, and neuroanatomical methods.

The laboratory work is accompanied by interactive lectures and group discussions on topics ranging from principles of responsible animal care and use to current research "hot" topics and human perspectives and translational potential.  Guest faculty, individuals with SCI and representatives of SCI funding agencies will round out the program with additional perspectives.